About Me

Art on the Boardwalk May 24, 2014

Art on the Boardwalk
May 24, 2014

 Creativity is my passion …art, drama, writing…

They can connect humankind and speak life and beauty into the most dark or mundane things.

I studied art and drama, among other things, in high school and university however these pursuits quickly dropped off at the end of this schooling. After a number of years away from paint and brush I picked them up again in 2012 and am thoroughly loving it!

 I also showed my work in my first Art Exhibition in May of 2014! It was a tremendously wonderful and encouraging experience. It is my hope to be blessed with the opportunity to participate in more shows in the future.

 My Thought For The Day…  Kutless – What Faith Can Do

a photo by a group of 11 year olds – can you tell what it says?  :0) 

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