A Little Paul Klee, Please

Spring session of art class started today. We’re back at a session of looking at the “masters”. Yes, I get to throw a bit of art history in there! This time we took a look at the work of Paul Klee. While his work is representational of a few different movements we focused on Expressionism. The subject matter for this week’s project was a bit open-ended…love how they turned out though.  ❤

Klee Collage

“Art Idol” Wrap Up

Last art class of the Winter session finished with our final project today.

Things Covered In The Project:

  • identify the horizon line
  • background vs. foreground
  • layering
  • colour theory
  • highlights and shadow
  • working with medium
  • wash technique

The experiment may need some tweaking if I try it again…like fewer options…but overall I think it worked out okay. We did end up with a winner for our final project.

Norther Lights (Nikki Page)

Northern Lights VIII

original artist      Nikki Page


Win16 final poster


To read more on the background of this “experiment” check out the Student Choices? post.

Student Choices?

CreativityIt may be a bit unorthodoxed but this session I decided to try letting my students pick the final project!

Okay, honestly…yes I’m perhaps a little stumped for ideas. Or at least maybe ideas that would excite them. I mean the things I paint are the things I choose – the things that draw and excite me. Of course it’s my hope that they will speak to someone else as well but generally that is not my first consideration in selecting the subject of my own creations.

Complete free reign for/with some students does have the risk of establishing chaos or inactivity so in the end we will all be painting the same thing with the usual coaching. This time though I’m running a contest. Our own little “Art Idol” and the kids, for lack of a better description, are the judges!

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picgifs-beautifulWhat’s beautiful to you?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that’s probably true.

During my art class a couple weeks ago there was another event taking place in the building at the same time and a couple of the fellows were gracious enough to help me clean up. One of them commented “Wow”. It wasn’t wow, how nice or beautiful but more along the lines of wow, what a mess. And from a certain stand point it was a mess…but it was a beautiful mess.

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Colour Theory for Kids

ART IS COLOUR!  Even black & white art is colour…although, yes these technically are not “colours”.

I’m doing another kids art class this Fall and starting with colour theory.



This is the handout/colour wheel that we worked from for this class. These also get handed out at the beginning of each subsequent class to work from.

They are printed on one sheet, double-sided. To make them more reusable and help protect them from water, paint, etc. I have slipped them into plastic, page protector pockets.



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