picgifs-beautifulWhat’s beautiful to you?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that’s probably true.

During my art class a couple weeks ago there was another event taking place in the building at the same time and a couple of the fellows were gracious enough to help me clean up. One of them commented “Wow”. It wasn’t wow, how nice or beautiful but more along the lines of wow, what a mess. And from a certain stand point it was a mess…but it was a beautiful mess.

Tarps covered the floor (we had splashed paint that day) while water spills and globs of paint dotted the table clothes. On the tables wet mucky paper towels sat like place cards for the paint smeared paper plates we had used as palettes and plastic water containers containing a liquid of a rather indescribable colour housed a multitude of brushes.

I confess that the idea and the task of cleaning all this up, putting away the tables and chairs, etc. is not always beautiful but for me the scene itself is. I suppose the mess may mean that things were out of control but so far it has meant that the kids were ENGAGED and CREATIVE.

How totally beautiful is that?!?

my art class space

my art class space…after the kids are finished










Find what’s beautiful to you and enjoy it!

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