Brain Power & More

What a great day!

My daughter attended theatre camp this past week and yesterday afternoon was their final performance ~ “The Liberation of Fluffy the Unicorn”. Yes, they made it up themselves.  She was really impressed that their story made sense given the disagreement on what the theme should be and that in the end everything was combined together. Actually it did more than make sense. It was witty and comedic, fast-paced, and well performed. Really rather impressive what they pulled together in the course of the week.

The evening was a card workshop. My friend that facilitates them has great ideas. I really enjoy the time and can put the stuff together okay but I on the other hand do not – at least not for this.  We tried a new technique with vellum and some sort of a tool. Like colouring it without the colour…the effect was really cool. The conversation turned to how some of the ladies attending had started taking up colouring and even gone out and bought colouring books and crayons & how relaxing it is.


So where is this all going you may ask?!?   :o)

The day just got me thinking of the benefits and impact that ‘The Arts’ can have.

It brings to remembrance a couple well phrases pictures I had seen…


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