The Art Is In The Corn

Corn-Maze enter Your medium can be just about anything – even corn.

It is rather hard to visualize when you are wondering in amongst the stalks, some even taller than you are, trying to find your way out but when viewed from above what would you call the intricate designs of a corn maze?

It’s quite likely that many of the creators of these pieces would not consider themselves “artists” however I would call the product of their labour ART. It has a voice that can speak to the every-day, the exotic, the fun, the honour…well actually, just about anything that can be imagined and cut into the large green canvas.

A personal favorite of mine this year is the Terry Fox one in New Brunswick, Canada. Okay, maybe it’s a bit patriotic but I just think ‘Wow’.


Farmer Chip Hunter says the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope corn maze in Florenceville-Bristol, N.B., took more than a year of planning.

Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope commemorated in N.B. corn maze                    

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