Produce Art For Better Brain Function

Maciej Frolow via Getty Images

Maciej Frolow via Getty Images

The “Arts” have many benefits to kids and it’s sad when these subjects are limited or removed from school curriculum. But the arts can, and maybe should be a lifelong pursuit. At some point we may outgrow the classes, exams, etc. of our youth but we don’t out grow the benefit that can be reaped from the arts.

Turns out tough that something can be said for actually DOING IT. It doesn’t matter if you see yourself as creative. You don’t need to do it for anyone else but you. It doesn’t need to be a show — just an experience! Dive in and give it a try.

~  all forms of “the arts” have benefit but the link below is an interesting article pertaining specifically to visual arts  ~

Producing Art Can Help Keep Your Brain Functioning

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